Programs for All Ages and Stages of Development
Optimal health and vitality create a foundation for people to thrive at all stages of their development and maturation. Establishing resilience and a healthy reserve, allows us to manage the stressors that are common to our lives. Dietary modification and nutrient supplementation can be used in the prevention of illness, the restoration and repair of imbalances, and the promotion and maintenance of good health. Achieving Optimal Vitality: Good health is much more than the absence of symptoms…

The Body Out of Balance

Good health and vitality are achieved when the body responds appropriately to information both from the external and internal environments in a healthy way.
The body is constantly shifting dynamically in response to information it receives from both the external and internal environment. This “information” may come in the form of food, toxins, infections, thoughts, social encounters, sensory stimulation, etc. If the information is a “stressor,” the body will ultimately produce a symptom, which like an alarm, raises our awareness of the situation. Removal of the stressor, as well as supporting the metabolic imbalances, restores the state of dynamic equilibrium. Investigating the cause and understanding the metabolic shift is important to the process of healing. Overlooking the cause and medicating the symptom doesn’t promote true healing, but “simply removes the battery from the smoke alarm.” The fire continues to blaze.
A Body Out of Balance can manifest differently in all of the body’s systems and metabolic processes, including :
     Immune disorders
     Weight loss / Obesity
     Endocrine Imbalances
     Cardiovascular / Cerebrovascular Disease
     Gastro-Intestinal Dysfunction (Altered GI Motility, Reflux, Constipation & Diarrhea)
     Crohn’s Disease
     Respiratory Illness
     Autoimmune Disease
     Lyme Disease
     Neurological Disease (including Alzheimers and Dementia)
     Mood Disorders (Depression & Bipolar Disease)
     Chronic Infections
     Allergies and Delayed Sensitivities
     Heavy Metal Toxicity

In past years, insulin resistance /metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism, unexplained infertility, exaggerated menopausal symptoms, and adrenal exhaustion as well as increasing neurological decline have all increased in incidence. Stress, poor quality nutrition, sleep habits, excess consumption of overly processed, chemical laden refined foods and sedentary lifestyles all contribute to the emergence of these problems.

To address these conditions and achieve optimal vitality, I create customized diet and nutrient plans for patients.