Since opening my practice in 1996, I have been committed to the treatment of Children with Special Needs as a focus of my work. Helping many of these children progress beyond the limitations of their diagnoses to lead healthier, happier and fuller lives has been extremely rewarding to me as a practitioner.

As a Defeat Autism Now practitioner, I have had considerable success treating children with Special Needs employing a Functional Medicine Model and using a Biomedical Approach. This approach works regardless of whether the diagnosis has its’ roots in a variant gene (such as Down Syndrome, Joubert’s, Partial Deletions) or has an epigenetic origin such as the Autistic Spectrum of Disorders (including ADD/HD).

Systemic, metabolic, and cellular imbalances are often at the root of the symptoms for these children and it is crucial to get beyond treating symptoms to heal the root causes of these imbalances. To discover the precise cause of the imbalances, I assess the “Whole Child” using a patient centered approach. These imbalances can then be effectively corrected through dietary modification and nutrient supplementation to improve the health and well being of the child and promote better development.

Autism – A Whole Body, Multi-System Disorder
The epidemic of Autistic Spectrum of Disorders continues to grow at an alarming rate with 1 in 91 children in the U.S. currently diagnosed with ASD. Yet mainstream medicine would have us believe that Autism is a purely genetic-based, behavioral disorder. The truth, however, is that Autism is not simply a behavioral disorder, but rather a “Whole Body, Multi-System Disorder.”

Today, a growing body of scientific research has revealed fundamental medical issues in children with Autism, including :

SYSTEMIC IMBALANCES = in the gastro-intestinal (leaky gut, yeast, etc.), immune, neurological, endocrine, ecosystem, biotransformation/detoxification and respiratory systems.

METABOLIC IMBALANCES = differences in… methylation, trans-sulfuration, detoxification, redox status, inflammation, mitochondrial aerobic energy metabolism, and oxidative stress.

CELLULAR IMBALANCES = cell membrane integrity and receptor sensitivity, cell to cell communication, excitatory/inhibitory neurochemistry.

While there are important biochemical similarities among ASD individuals, there is also significant diversity, which is why it is crucial to understand the individual history and biochemical make up of each child. Once this individualized understanding is in place, treating these imbalances can result in real healing and tangible progress. There is hope!

Step one: Individualized Assessment & Testing: Unravel the mystery beneath the “diagnosis”
Step two: The Right Diet – for you: Create a solid foundation for healing with the right nutrition for your child’s body.
Step three:
Customized Nutraceutical Plan: Heal through custom designed supplementation and detoxification protocols.
I continually refine my protocol based on the latest research, incorporating the most cutting edge methodologies and products. I incorporate elements of the Yasko protocol as well as interventions from the Defeat Austim Now movement. In addition, I incorporate cutting edge science based therapies emerging from the Functional Medicine. Rather than favor any one single protocol, my approach is to blend these protocols to adapt to the needs of each individual patient.

Inspired by Dr. Usman’s work, I have developed a proprietary biofilm protocol for detoxification. Based on emerging research in the area of biofilm, my protocol has been refined to virtually eliminate side effects. My biofilm protocol has been effective in treating underlying gut issues such as dysbiosis, yeast, and many types of chronic illness associated with persistent unresolved infection, such as PANDAS and Lyme.